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Brand Story

At the beginning of the PRINTWINDOW brand, it provided high-standard R&D and production alternatives for foreign office equipment manufacturers. In the long-term cooperation with foreign professional customers, PRINTWINDOW has accumulated rich technical experience and mastered the products and channel resources of office equipment imaging industry. Created a professional supplier in the imaging industry. The resource sharing has been realized with the front-end enterprises of R&D and production of imaging accessories at home and abroad.
In the new era of rapid economic transformation, the PRINTWINDOW brand team re-examines the market needs of the new era and integrates its own resources. Introduce foreign advanced business concepts, industry cooperation models, and high-demand service standards into the domestic market. In 2017, the PRINTWINDOW brand was registered in China. After more than two years of precipitation, the PRINTWINDOW brand has been quickly recognized by professional customers.
The PRINTWINDOW team has always been at the heart of the (first-class team, creating a first-class brand). Our team strictly adheres to the brand standards of brand high quality and high requirements at the beginning of the brand, and never sacrifices the interests of customers in its own interests. In the future, the PRINTWINDOW team will be inspirational and become the brand of the imaging industry.
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